Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bits of Seventies Goodness!

In the summer of 1973 7-Eleven stores began a promotion for DC Super-Hero Slurpee cups. Of course, there were NO 7-Eleven stores in Muhlenberg County. The closest were in Nashville, 75 miles (!) away.

Fortunately, my Dad had an old friend in Nashville that we would occasionally visit. On the next visit, I begged to stop at a 7-Eleven store and brought home three cups. (A Slurpee each for me, mom and dad, but of course I would have been willing to drink 30 Slurpees if they would have let me!)

I snagged the incredibly cool Wildcat cup, the awesomely swank Vigilante cup, and the fantastically lame “Dick Grayson” cup (Really? Robin without a mask? Really?) Which only became more irritating when some slightly older cousins visited and got a whole evening of guffaws from a fact that I had a cup on display in my bedroom with a character on it named "Dick."  (Obviously, they were from the intellectual wing of the Fox family...)  Oh, Slurpee, you know not what you spawned.


John Platt said...

Okay, those are just WEIRD.

The Quirk Shop said...

Great post, Randy!

I slightly recall those Slurpee cups from 7-11. My brother at the time collected comics and anything comic-related. I know he had at least a few of those. Wish they'd survived the years!

However, I still have a vintage 1970s plastic double layer Thermos cup with several Batman images on it that I really should have appraised.

May be worth something. But then again, may be worth next to nothing.

- Ellie